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Enterprise Europe Network was established in 2008, under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), in order to boost European businesses competitiveness, innovation and international co-operation. In Lithuania, the Enterprise Europe Network is being represented by the Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda Chambers of commerce, industry and crafts and the “Lithuanian Inovation Centre”. The network, since february 29th of 2008 has been operating under the name of “European business and innovation network”. In 2015 Enterprise Europe Network began a new stage – the project is being financed by the 2014-2020 European Union business competitiveness and small and medium business program (COSME) and “HORIZON 2020” funds, and the networks name in Lithuania has been changed to “European company network”. Enterprise Europe Network is uniting business assisting organizations in more than sixty countries, which provide services on a regional basis, in order to use the services free of charge, you must contact your nearest Enterprise Europe Network representative.

Information and consultations regarding these questions:

  • EU business law: directives, regulations, solutions.
  • EU and National financial aid for business programs: new invitations, participation conditions and rules.
  • Business development within the EU market: product requirements, taxes, public tenders, markets, business development opportunities.
  • Evaluation of international business development opportunities: consultations and help for companies’ ready to participate in international fairs and missions; consultations provided for developing cooperation with potential partners.
  • EU laws and funding programs in the innovation sector: directives, regulations, solutions, newest invitations, participation conditions and rules.
  • EU scientific and experimental development programs: new invitations, participation conditions and rules. We aid in finding partners for common projects from the program.
  • Evaluation of a company’s technological ability: identifying the technological potential and requirements of a company, carrying out a technologic audit, aid in finding strategic development direction.
  • Innovation management and intellectual property security: patents, recommended business strategies and management questions.
  • Technological development tendencies in Europe: use of a technology database, you can see the development directions of your sector.•

Searching for potential partners

While striving to help Lithuanian companies to develop their business, we provide a service to help find international partners. A successful search for partners is provided by the Enterprise Europe Network associated organizations, which employ over 3000 professionals, with deep knowledge of local markets and local companies.

The search for partners is divided into three categories depending on the type of partnership that is being sought:

  • Search for partners for common activity – partners for commercial or retail cooperation. The search for these types of partners is assisted by the Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda chambers of commerce, industry and crafts.
  • Search for partners for technological cooperation – search for partners which can supply, sell or assist with technologies in common scientific research. This type of partner search is assisted by the “Lithuanian innovation center”.
  • Search for partners to participate in the EU scientific research and experimental development programs. This type of partner search is assisted by the “Lithuanian innovation center”.

Further: http://paramaverslui.eu/verslo-bendradarbiavimo-duomenu-baze/

Partner search for common activity or technological cooperation can be done in Lithuania or at events being held abroad. These events vary in their make up: business networking events, technological partnership events, business missions/technological missions and others.

Further: http://paramaverslui.eu/tarptautiniai-renginiai/

European Commission and Lithuanian businesses cooperation

One of the main targets of the Enterprise Europe Network is to ensure Lithuanian companies cooperation with the European Commission (EC). This can lead to improved business conditions, smaller bureaucratic hurdles in the common EU market, conditions for companies to influence the EC in making decisions, and the EC can receive information and evaluate how the current EU normative acts works, also changes can be initiated. Representation of Lithuanian companies in the European Commission is done using these tools:

  • SME feedback – Lithuanian companies are constantly being asked to provide information about inconvenient, cumbersome for business EU laws and their effect.
  • European Commission public consultations – Lithuanian companies are invited to express their opinion regarding certain business topics, during EC public consultations.
  • SME panels – Lithuanian companies are actively invited to express their position regarding planned EU laws and their effect on business.

We invite your company to use these opportunities to look for partners in Europe and beyond. Detailed information and contacts can be found at: http://www.paramaverslui.eu

Project activities are partly financed by the European Union COSME program (2014-2020) funds according to the dotation contract Nr. 671766

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