Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR (INBETS BSR)


Programme: INTERREG Baltic Sea Region

Project Start: 2017-05-25                                         

End of Project: 2020-09-30 

Total Budget (Vilnius CCIC): 135 250,00 Eur

Funding Total (Vilnius CCIC): 114 962,50 Eur

Conducted by: Baltic Sea Academy (Vokietija)

Vilnius CCIC status: Partner

Project Target: Often times innovative small and medium sized enterprises are managed by one owner which creates a risk of lossing skills and jobs, when the owner retires – the number of these kind of cases is increasing rapidly in the Baltic Sea region. Business tranfers have a bigger impact to economy growth than newly created start-ups. In the Baltic Sea region, the future growth and stability of innovative enterprises is limited by the failed attempts of business transfers. Majority of the projects and various measures currently mostly focuses on establishing new enterprises, however, another challenge, the successful upkeep of existing businesses, is not undertaken.

The aim of the project is to analyse, develop and form innovative and suitable transfer models and measures for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) transfers, as well as making the models widely available and implementing them in practice.

More about the project: http://www.baltic-sea-academy.eu/inbets/

Vilnius Chamber of Commerse, Industry and Crafts in coloboration with Parlament of Hanza, an orgnisation that unites 50 Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts from 13 Northen and Eastern European countries, held a conference on November 17th 2017, which was attended by businessmen and experts from Lithuania as well as experts from 8 other Baltic Sea region countries. More information about the conference (in Lithuanian): https://www.cci.lt/naujienos/verslininku-ir-vadovu-mokymas-skirtas-smulkiajam-ir-vidutiniam-verslui-pades-iveikti-akivaizdzias-augima-stabdancias-kliutis/

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