East Invest 2

“East Invest 2” is a EU financed project according to the “EU4Business” program, following the East partnership initiative, which began in September 2014. The main target is to support the growth of a competitive private sector and favorable economic conditions in Eastern partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), together growing commerce flow and investments between the mentioned countries and EU member states. When undertaking this project, the Vilnius chamber of commerce, industry and crafts (VCCIC) worked together with the Zaporozhe Chamber of commerce and industry (ZCCI). The target of the Twinning project – is to create and strengthen ZCCI ability to provide more and better specialized services for their members and to create a long-term and strong partnership between ZCCI and VCCIC. BSO (Business Support Organization) twins are bilateral or trilateral twinning projects between the Eastern Partnership (EaP) and the EU Business Organizations (BSO), which strengthen the capacity of the Eastern Partnership BSO and build a long-term partnership with a EU partner.

Project start: 2015-11-01, duration – 9 months.

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