Development of fashion and design cluster export

Vilnius CCIC is implementing a project that encourages companies operating in the fields of clothing, textiles, fashion and design to work together to find new export markets for their products and services.

Through the activities of the cluster and the implementation of the export promotion project, the transition to higher value-added production will be achieved, production and organizational processes will be improved and new products will be developed for global markets in accordance with the Lithuanian Export Development Strategy. The goal of the project is to find support for companies operating in Lithuania and Latvia, which are planning to export or increase export volumes to specific markets, to find new members of the export market cluster, as well as increase the total turnover of enterprises, to achieve the welfare of the companies belonging to the common cluster. During the project, it is planned to create a new cluster export strategy, a brand for the development of the cluster's activities and to promote the brand's exposure in global markets. It is also planned to conduct market research and research into penetration of new markets. 

Measure: Business Cluster LT 


1. JSC "Audėjas"
2. JSC "Miranda Design Solutions"
3. Public enterprise "Audimo gamyba"
4. JSC "Tantas"
5. JSC Localus
6. JSC "Naulita"
7. IK "PRIĪTE" (Latvian company)
8. JSC "LT-Identity" 


1. Searching for new export markets, developing a cluster export strategy, developing a cluster brand, and implementing marketing activities to enhance visibility.
1.1. Acquisition of research and / or analyzes directly related to the projects activity.
1.2. Marketing tools to increase the awareness of the group's services and products, attract new members or engage in cross-border networks (clusters)
1.3. Salary and travel expenses of the applicant and partners. 

Project start: 2016 December 1, Duration: 24 months.

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