Georgian Employers’ Association‘s Competence Development in International Trade


Programme: Development Cooperation and Support for Democracy programme  

Project Start: 2018-03-01

Project End: 2018-10-01

Total Budget (Vilnius CCIC): 18 055,00 Eur

Funding Total (Vilnius CCIC): 14 655,00 Eur

Project Target: to enable Georgian Business BSO (business support organisation) to operate as local EU expert of export

Project Tasks: To improve knowlegde regarding trade baised on EU rules and regulations of DCFTA and good business practices, leading to better export results, as well as ensure sustainable knowledge transfer to SME’s.

Expected results are the improved knowledge of GEA (Georgian Employers‘ Association) on export to EU, with a special focus on Lithuania, and EU trade rules and regulations related to DCFTA, as well as the achieved capacity to consult SME on these questions. GEA will be enabled to consult and teach SME‘s in Georgia to participate in global markets, especially exporting to Lithuania and other EU countries. The Project’s direct target group is the workers of GEA, while the indirect traget group - Georgian SME. Since this project aims to invest into a strong local business support organisation, the project will have longterm sustainable results.

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