Follow up after Lithuanian Business Mission to the US

On June 26 – July 4 Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts within the framework of "Joint Exports" and "Joint CCI Exports" (partially financed by structural funds) organized a business mission to the US: New York and Philadelphia.  There were 15 companies who joined Vilnius Chamber business delegation: eight representatives from food and beverage, cosmetics, and construction sectors and seven companies from cultural and creative industries.

On June 27th the business delegation participated in the seminar "Creating Business Relations between Lithuania and the USA" organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Washington together with the Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in New York, Litfood and Vilnius CCIC.  During the seminar the lecturers from Pearl Cohen lawyers, PLMA - Private Label Manufacturers Association and Enterprise Europe Network New York office - European-American Business Organization presented the specifics of the US market, the peculiarities of trademark registration and shared their advice and recommendations with Lithuanian exporters.

The presentations can be found below:

Peter Kirschenbaum - Trademark Attorney, Pearl Cohen


Treademark Rights in the US. Overview and Practical Tips
Tom Prendergast - Director of Research Services, PLMA

Sharon Davis - Business Development Director, PLMA


Private Label in the US. Retail and Consumer Trends
John Zindar - Transatlantic Business Development Partner, The European-American Business Organization


Building Business Relationships between Lithuania and the United States: Overview of Entering the U.S. Market


"Such events are the first step for Lithuanian exporters to familiarize themselves with the specifics and trends of the US market, cultural differences, and labeling requirements. In addition, it is a great opportunity to hear first-hand advice, which is especially useful when establishing new relationships and entering new markets", - said Gintarė Didžiokaitė, Straikas UAB Export Manager of Straikas UAB, one of the participants of the business delegation.


The delegation continued their visit to Philadelphia, where the 1st North American Lithuanian Business Forum (NALB Forum) was organized on June 29th.  Great presentations, Taste of Lithuania degustation, Startup Lithuania and lots of networking opportunities were provided during the forum. The forum Speakers’ BIOs and contact information is presented here.

In the links below see the moments from the event:

"The North American Lithuanian Business Forum is the first event of its kind, which aimed to encourage cooperation between Lithuania and North America.  About 250 representatives of Lithuanian and North American politics, business, and organizations promoting international business relations attended the event," - said Audronė Masandukaitė, Head of Vilnius CCIC International Relations Department.

"The speakers paid a lot of attention to global world problems that affected business – the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation, the lack of workers," - commented Jolanta Lapinskaitė-Vaitulionienė, Head of Project Management Department, who is also leads Joint Export and Joint CCI Export Projects.

Lots of positive feedbacks from the Chamber members were received upon return:

"The NALB forum was a very high-level event. It is quite clear that Lithuanian manufacturers are positioning themselves in developing and producing high value-added products, and in the future aiming in the development of intelligent products and services", - Ilona Aladaitytė, the owner and manager of Decoflux, shared her impressions.

"A lively and very well-organized Forum. I believe that warm communication and discussions held during the event will develop into interesting projects in future", - said Miranda Biretienė, Head of the company Mes Baltai.

“The NALB forum in Philadelphia has opened up the approach to a much broader market audience that is not just limited to direct supply. Here, the business is forced to find non-standard ways to offer goods or services, which must find its buyer and impress him not only with appearance, but also with quality," - commented Daiva Lumpickė, Head of Keep it Boutique.

The Forum organizing committee is already starting to plan next year event.  All news and updates about the next NALB Forum 2023 can be followed on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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