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On the 3rd of December Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (CCIC) held a seminar on the Commerce of Ukraine, in which the representatives of Lithuanian business not only got a chance to learn about the real situation of the commerce in Ukraine, but also received practical advice on public procurements, protection of businesses and funding opportunities for projects in Ukraine.

The event featured the President of CCIC Vilnius, Chair of Lithuanian-Ukrainian Business Council Sigitas Leonavičius, Advisor of LR Minister of Economy Jekaterina Rojaka, Export Department Advisor Rimantas Šegžda, LR Ministry of Foreign Affairs ambassador in Economic Security department Gvidas Kerušauskas and Lithuanian Commerce Attaché in Ukraine Sergejus Tichomirovas.

“We are very glad to note that this year Lithuanian businessmen showed a great interest to participate at the 4th Ukrainian-Lithuanian economic forum. Active cooperation of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts with Ukrainian commerce enterprises and the major input of the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine allows the businessmen from Lithuania and Ukraine to further develop an active trade and contribute to the economic cooperation of both countries “, - said the President of CCIC Sigitas Leonavičius opening the event.

Advisor of LR Minister of Economy Jekaterina Rojaka also highlighted the importance of the collaboration between Lithuania and Ukraine, noting that Ukraine is an important partner to Lithuania as last year alone the turnover of goods among Lithuania and Ukraine reached 975, 57 mln. euros, while this year it is expected to rise even more and reach 1 billion euros.

During the event, a Ukrainian agricultural and commerce review was presented for the Lithuanian businessmen, many of whom will also participate in the Ukrainian-Lithuanian Economic forum in Kiev.

Lithuanian Commerce Attaché in Ukraine Sergejus Tichomirovas emphasised the growth of Lithuanian-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-EU commerce, also noting that the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine is always ready to help Lithuanian entrepreneurs working in Ukraine.

The Head of “Civitta Ukraine” Antanas Spečkauskas recounted on the International donor projects in Ukraine and the possibilities it provides for the Lithuanian business.

The project manager of “Agro-Region Ukraina” Maksim Botik discussed activities of the business in Ukraine, while the representative of „SDM Partners Law Firm” Feliks Aronovič introduced Ukrainian public procurement system ProZorro and business protection techniques.

The Chamber also notes that the fourth Ukrainian-Lithuanian economic forum will be held in Kiev on December 7th, 2018. Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts delegation consists of 22 representatives. In the forum, a discussion will be held on the topical issues concerning renewable energy, transport and logistics, IT and robotics, and financial instruments.

The forum is a perfect opportunity for business communities of both countries to familiarise with the economic changes, communicate, establish new relations and create new possibilities for future business development.

The event was organised by the Enterprise Europe Network hosted by Vilnius CCIC in collaboration with the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania.

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